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  1. Jason HJH says

    Hi Amanda,

    Appreciate your article. One thing though, CPM is a marketing industry jargon and it actually refers to Cost Per (Thousand) Impressions, not a million. Hope this clarifies.

  2. zack says

    nice article.
    i only have one question that confuse me which is, i have a campaign on fb that has a good ctr which is 17 clicks for every 1000 view and that cost me about 5$, if i switch the campaign to cpm will i be charged for the cpm+the clicks or just the cpm only?


  3. Miguel Valdez says

    Is posiible to know the price of the CPC of one campaign, if i know the target and the budget? Migel

  4. Diego Ribeiro says

    Hello, Amanda.
    Loved your post, thanks!

    But when using oCPM, should I set the maximum bid manually or just use the recommended value?

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