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  1. Eoin Dixon Murphy says

    Coffee! The lovely people at Coffeeangel dropped me off a much-needed care package of ground coffee and an AeroPress Coffee Maker earlier in the week. When the coffee shop is closed.. bring the coffee shop home! 🙂

  2. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    Updates to Facebook live including captions and audio only
    * The number of people in the US watching live-streams via Facebook Live has also risen by 50% since January.
    * Automatic closed captions (I hope this works live as you speak)
    * Live audio – Users will have the option to listen without picture (consider this when live, will it work as audio)
    * Generate a donation phone number so people can donate during broadcast

  3. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    Cool Facebook Video Features
    * Series & Playlists mean people spend longer with your videos
    * Video Tab – People can update their video notifications
    * Playlist – Organise topical or thematic content, have unique URL will display when you share a video, manage in creator studio
    * Series – Episodic content (like tv), seasons, artwork and trailers
    * Bulk uploader – upload up to 50 videos at once via creator studio, bulk actions like add captions, add to playlist coming soon

  4. Silvia Henrich says

    Late to the game watching this on Saturday morning with my big mug of coffee :)…. I love the episodes/ series idea…. Gonna look into that….. Damn it now I’ll need a script developer too

  5. Abha Comms says

    Morning. Didn’t get a chance for coffee on Friday. Hope you had a great show. Shared your audio to video easy tips on Non Stop Business Support. Will share the tools I use too. Have a great week Amanda Webb

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