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  1. Mel Bridger says

    It’s becoming harder as a small business to get organic engagement, obviously Facebook are a business and they want you to spend money on ads

  2. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    Twitter mute comments
    * Hide replies that don’t contribute to the conversation
    * Experiment rolling out in June
    * Original poster has control
    * “Could help encourage people to present their thoughts and opinions in a more polite and less abusive fashion”
    * If you hide the tolls it could stop it turning into a troll fest

  3. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    The future of twitter follow topics
    * “He suggested that the service works best as an “interest-based network,” where you log in and see content relevant to your interests, no matter who posted it — rather than a network where everyone feels like they need to follow a bunch of other accounts, and then grow their follower numbers in turn.”
    * I get the followers thing but…
    * We need to follow people to have conversations, the algorithm works great at facilitating this.

  4. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    Facebook and Engagement baiting in video
    * Update to existing policy
    * No asking for a share
    * No spammy asking for comments
    * No asking for reactions
    * No askign for a tag
    * This stuff needs to happen organically
    * Knock on effect for chatbots… maybe
    * Update 1/30/19: Starting today, we will be demoting videos which contain engagement bait in the audio.