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  1. Anita Dow says

    A round of applause Amanda for saying this. I find it so disappointing that Twitter is now this way. I get excited when I see I have a new direct message but, 9 times out of 10 it’s an automated “check out my stuff”. I try to make a comment on every post I retweet, to add value to others and also in the hope that the tweeter will interact with me. It is not easy to get a conversation going, and some people’s idea of interaction is to just thank you for a retweet. That’s nice but it can be rather unsatisfying. I have recently found 3-4 Facebook groups where people actually interact and it is really refreshing.

  2. Amanda Webb says

    Thanks so much for your comment Anita. I love the way you use Twitter! I do find that it’s becoming harder to find conversation but I’m getting there. I like the way Twitter now shows me things I may want to respond to, it helps (even if the idea of an algorithm does scare me).

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