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  1. Dee Sewell says

    You’ll have me flying through LinkedIn at this rate! I had no idea we could manage endorsements. Do you know if we move some to the top, are they more likely to appear in people’s streams asking for an endorsement? I’m wondering if I move community gardens up to the top for instance, if it will attract more clicks – it was at the end of the list.

  2. Amanda Webb says

    Hi Dee, I tried that and didn’t see any difference in levels of endorsements. It may be worth lowering the level of some of your others (hiding endorsements). That may make a difference.

  3. Dee Sewell says

    I took the plunge and deleted several, as well as ones that were similar eg garden and gardening – will see what happens.

  4. Lorna Sixsmith says

    I’ve pulled some out of the pile below to see if I would get more endorsements on them but not as much. I read a post recently that suggested having a maximum of five skills to be endorsed on – to emphasise your specialities. What do you think of that? I think having 15 rather the maximum is a good idea but wonder if 5 is too few?

  5. Amanda Webb says

    In all honestly how many things are we really good at? How many matter to people who want to hire us? I do think having too many is a big mistake, how many is too many is up to the individual. Maybe concentrate on the ones you really want to be endorsed for and hide the rest until you need them again 🙂

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