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  1. Laura Cazabon says

    FB groups just got kind of saturated, there are so so many. The only ones I still bother with are those I know people on, that have a community like you said.

  2. Sacha Liddiard says

    Have a fab Christmas Amanda and thank you for everything you have done for me this year… you were the catalyst for my business growing beyond all expectations.. nearly all my clients have been generated some way or other from you. Will explain when I see you in 2020… I owe you a big drink forever grateful x

  3. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    What to keep an eye on in 2020

    The rise of Twitter
    * If it’s a good fit for your audience get looking now
    * More younger users
    * More user friendly tools – could it take over from Facebook?

    Less focus on weak engagement stats
    Followers and likes less important – deeper engagement more important

    Rising ad costs
    * Small business focus on engagement and engaging content to keep costs down
    * Learn how to algorithms work
    * Build communities and work with micro-influencers to spread the word

    Facebook group decline
    * I think we reached peak group
    * Learn about community instead of thinking as a pure promotional activity

    Moving away from always on
    * More people looking for alternatives to internet based activities
    * People post less
    * Private messaging will be bigger

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