How To Win Friends And Influence People
From the 30’s To The Digital Age?

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  1. Eleanor Goold says

    A really insightful, well written and useful post Amanda. Thank you. I read this book years ago, I must go back and reread it. Re your point about a good community manager being nice and polite in face of attacks…I couldn’t agree more. In fact, on social media I find that the ‘negative’ comments you get can often validate your position even more and provide you with a great opportunity to expand on your offering, pov, etc.

  2. Amanda Webb says

    Thanks Eleanor, it’s a good read and sometimes, when I’m a bit annoyed… it might be worth going back to.

    And yes it’s amazing how if you are polite, many people will roll back their anger o social media. Hug Your Haters is on the list for the book club, I’m looking forward to seeing Jay Bear’s perspective too.

  3. Dr Hows Science Wows says

    I never read the book, mainly for the same reasons you mentioned, but I love the advice you listed so may be time to reconsider. Might make it into my holiday suitcase!

  4. Amanda Webb says

    It’s a nice read, but I’m just envying your holiday now! There is one on Amazon called ‘How To Win Friends And Influence People In The Digital Age’ an updated version that will hopefully have ejected the sexism too.

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