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  1. NICK says

    Hi! Any idea how to embed a map on your Facebook page where you can include more addresses, like hundreds or thousands. I run this page on Facebook about lost and found GoPro cameras worldwide and I would like to have a map on the page with a pin on each location where a camera was lost or found. Thanks!

  2. Amanda Webb says

    Hi Nick, this isn’t something you can do on Facebook as far as I know, it’s something you’d need to get done for your website. I’m not techy enough to know how but I’m sure it’s possible.

  3. SKÖN Design says


    We are a business based in Ireland and I cannot seem to get the options for Maps, Checkins and Ratings on my Facebook page? I have the option to do the address (which as you have above does not display or show), as you have mentioned in your video but there is no map at all on the page below and no option to click in or check in. It ONLY has the address bars and nothing below – is there a way that I can get this option up?? Thanks

  4. Kate Roberts says

    Me too. I put in London, UK and it goes blue but theres no map underneath. Pleaaaase help!

  5. Amanda Webb says

    Hi Kate, what sort of business did you tell Facebook you are? Try changing to ‘Local Business’ and see if the option appears. Also try another browser and see if it works then.

  6. Kate Roberts says

    Ah thank you, sorted that now! When I search pet care se3 to see if I pop up it doesn’t show my business… does it take a while to show up??

  7. Amanda Webb says

    Are you searching on Facebook, is it an address you are searching for? Facebook search is kinda odd, although you can serch by location you have to be specific. When I search places for ‘pet care se3’ I get Vanbrugh Pet Care is that you?

  8. Kate Roberts says

    Hmm no it’s not. How would I get my business to show up? I’m a dog walker/pet sitter in se3 Kate’s Pet Care.

  9. Amanda Webb says

    Hi Kate. I’m not sure why you aren’t coming up in local searches. I do find you when I do a search for your name. Your category is pet service so try searching again in a week.

  10. Dave Swindells says

    Hello Amanda
    Thank you for the video. As a Facebook admin for a small new business in east London which is incorrectly located in northwest London on the Facebook map, I’ve been trying all sorts of solutions in order to get our map details right. I can’t move the pin locator itself, but I can move the map behind it so I have done that many, many times. But each time I move the map and save it at the correct location (for the record our cafe-restaurant is at 59 Chatsworth Road E5 0LH – http://www.facebook.com/JimsCafe59) the map reverts to a 59 Chatsworth Road in Kilburn NW2 4BG. I have tried performing the operation with, and without, address / post code details, I have tried using a different internet provider (switching from Safari to Chrome) and I have reported the problem to the third-party map provider, HERE, on four occasions.
    Do you have any suggestions? My next plan was to post a Google Maps screen grab as our profile pic, because this is embarrassing!

  11. Amanda Webb says

    It seems strange that you can’t move the pin locator at all.

    You could try to reset the whole thing by switching your business type to ‘website’ and then back again.

  12. Christina Van Veerdegem says

    good morning, I am trying to add a google map location link for our organization but i am unable to do so, I have clicked to edit the infos of my facebook page but i do not see where i can add the google map link in order to show the google map map. Could you please let me know how to make it thank you

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