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How to like Facebook pages as your business and find the business newsfeed. The latest Facebook page updates 2016

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  1. KimberlyAZ says

    The new system is terrible – every single admin task now takes longer than it used to. But for me, the worst change is that clicking the notification button takes you to the top of the post instead of to the comment/reply that triggered the notification. If there are only a few comments, it’s not so bad. If it’s a comment as opposed to a reply, we can sort by chronological and scroll all the way down to the bottom to find it. However, if it’s a reply on a very active thread, trying to find the reply that triggered the notification is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I’m told that Business Manager fixes this particular issue, but is much more cumbersome in other ways.

  2. Amanda Webb says

    Hmm that does sound annoying. I just checked on my business manager page and yes it just brings me to the post, I have to scroll down to find the comment so not an easy fix.

  3. Yvette Londono says

    My business page is on business manager, SO….that little drop down to post as one of your pages does not show my business page since it moved to “business manager”. I have a few other fun pages that are not on business manager, and they DO show up as option if I want to comment on another page as one of my pages. But NOT the page that’s part of business manager. How can I post on another page, as my business page, if my business page is on business manager? Sorry this migration is terrible and very confusing.

  4. Jessie Lovdal says

    Hi! I finally am getting close to understanding Business Manager, but, when I’m looking at pages in my “pages feed,” and I click the name of their page to poke around and get more info, I’m defaulted back to personal profile (my photo is there, and I’m given the option to “like” the page), but I’m still in the grey business manager bar… 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Jessie Lovdal says

    HI Amanda! Thank you so much for your thoughts!
    I’m curious – do you think this is a setting I need to tweak, or just a quirky thing that doesn’t quite make sense in the business manager? (In other words, does this happen for you and everyone else also? 🙂

  6. Steve says

    I want to like a person’s comment from my business page, not like a page’s comment from my business page. So you can not just click my icon and switch to my page to like/comment on it. How do you do this?

  7. Amanda Webb says

    You can only comment as a business on public posts. If the person you want to comment on has their post privacy set to friends you won’t be able to do it. The option to switch to your page will only appear on posts you are able to comment on.

  8. John says

    Hi, im having issues with the new message layout for facebook business pages. We need to have the ability to search for people’s names and the new layout doesnt allow for this. Im wondering if anyone can help?? thanks

  9. Kevin says

    This doesn’t work. There is no “pages feed” anywhere on a FB business page. Apparently it used to be there, but they’ve removed it. Are there any other solutions to liking a page, from a business page?

  10. Type Twenty Five says

    Hey Amanda. Your post is the most useful I have seen on the subject of liking another business using my business page. Bookmarked!

  11. Tashia says

    Hi amanda I have a question I am trying to like post shared by fans or people who liked my page as my business am I able to do this?

  12. Patty says

    If I have business manager, how do I like or comment as my business on other post? I only show up as my personal account. Help

  13. Tyler says

    Hi Amanda,
    I was wondering if you could help me out. I can “like” our page as another one of our business pages that we manage, however, these likes do not show up on our page. Is there anything we can do to show all of the like our page has?

  14. Amanda Webb says

    Hi Mandy, from your screen shot it looks like you are trying to comment in a group (there’s no share button) the option to comment as a page only works on other pages and public posts

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