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  1. Ryan Biddulph says

    Hi Amanda,

    I dig this advice. Being open and vulnerable helped me connect with so many more like-minded folks. It’s like, when I got personal, and opened up, getting over myself quite a bit, people who vibed with my message found me easily. Even though I chat about virtually all happening with my blogging career I do keep some stuff close to the vest. One day I may delve into my life pre-blogging, to help folks going through similar struggles….we will see. Either way, love this post and hey, It’d have cool to see the tin foil hat 😉


  2. John says

    “Different storytellers can tell the same story but each will do so with their own style. People will always come back to the one who tells the story in a way that appeals to them.” – this was awesome. Very helpful article. Many thanks for suggestion.

  3. Amanda Webb says

    Thanks Ryan,

    Your blog is a perfect example of sharing a story and of course you need to keep some stuff to yourself. For me I’m not sure people want to know the day to day life of my cats 😉 Also I guess I’m a different type of blogger but I do find telling stories has been a great way to get people to remember the point.

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