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  1. Aoife Porter says

    Great blogpost Amanda; was a bit hasty in thinking the ugly ‘Like & Share’ comps were now legal. Thanks for great blog; always a reliable read.

  2. Brenda Strohbehn says

    Thank you for clearly spelling out the cans and can’ts and the dos and don’ts! This was very helpful. I especially appreciated that you included positive ideas for page administrators to implement these rules while still enjoying the boost provided by a contest!

  3. Taynia @ Fiscal Flamingo says

    Thanks for the summary. I am happy to hear that Like + Share competitions are still not allowed! And equally discouraged through penalization. Thanks again.

  4. Guest says

    Thanks Amy!! As always you are full of (useful) information to help us navigate the blogging world (especially Facebook.)

  5. Jenetta says

    Could you explain the diff between a “like and share” and “You CAN get people to comment or like a post in order to enter a competition”?

  6. Sprittibee says

    You are so smart, woman. I love having you in my inbox. I have no time in the world to read all the new rules coming out. So glad you do, and explain it all to us. <3

  7. Neeta says

    Thank you very much for this info…. I didn’t know about the share&like things. However I still see many in house working sole trader types businesses on fb prompting to share&like and they get entered into a giveaway!

  8. Dan says

    Great blog Amanda. Can I just check that it’s okay to ask entrants to ‘Like’ a business’s page as part of a competition, provided there is another aspect to it such as entering their email address?

  9. Lutsia says

    This is my first visit to your blog. I was pleasantly surprised, it is very informative but understandable. I have a question about FB competition. I am fashion designers and want to reward my fans through FB competition and attract new fans. I’d like to ask if I can use as price an annual subscription of a women’s fashion magazine? Thank you very much.

  10. Lexi says

    Thanks for the helpful tips! I am still a bit fuzzy on certain aspects of it. I know you can ask for a “Like” or “Comment” on the contest post – but can you ask for a “Like” for your page, instead of the post, as a condition for the contest? & I know that you are not allowed to post the promotion on your own timeline or anyone elses & you are not allowed to ask them to share or post it on their timeline – does this mean you cannot share the link of the contest on timelines to invite people to enter? & if not, how can you ask people to participate in the contest without breaking the rules & making it as easy as possible for them to go enter? My promotion is generated from an app & is a tab on my facebook page, but I’ve incorporated the new advantage to use post “Likes” & “Comments” by allowing an additional entry by giving a “Like” to the contest post pinned up at the top of the page & posting a comment of what they would want to win.

  11. Sam Clements says

    This is fab, thank you! Where do you find out about this sort of news? Do you have a link to the post from Facebook about the changes? Thanks!

  12. Amanda Webb says

    I subscribe to multiple blogs and Facebook pages. Facebook have a few of their own pages that are good but All Facebook and Inside Facebook always seem to pick stuff up quickly.

  13. Ross FineArt says

    Hi is it legal to say “Like and comment to enter. Share with your friends to give them the chance to enter aswell”?

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