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  1. Terri Stallcop says

    I found this blog post just following the bread crumbs – from twitter to your How To Get More Engagement On FB post to this one 🙂  Great tip, great blog.  

  2. Anon says

    Thank you **SO MUCH** for this post. I have tried very unsuccesfully all manner of “tips” – including those on Facebook “help”. But this post of yours got it sorted quick and easy!

  3. SalesXpert says

    Hi Amanda,
    I would like to share the occasional Twitter post (from my own account) with my Facebook followers. Is there a way of doing this on an ad hoc basis? Can you help/advise? Note that I don’t want ALL my tweets to be seen on Facebook so changing Twitter profile settings doesn’t help me. Thanks in advance.

  4. Mado says

    One question: I done this method recently on Twitter and added some hashtags. But: In the Twitter search my post doesn’t appear – even after minutes and a hour. I tried two other popular URL shortener but it didn’t work.

    So when I post a tweet with a Facebook link in (even shortened or not) my tweet is not visible in the search. 🙁

    What is the problem and what can I do?

    (I don’t wanted to tweet illegal or questionable stuff on Twitter. It was just a public post on a famous page on Facebook – which can seen from everyone, even is the person not logged in.)

    Sorry for my bad english. ^^’

  5. Shannon Mosley says

    I have a question… there is an employee contest from my work and I shared the post on Facebook, but also want to get traffic from twitter to the post I shared. How do I do that so it goes to the post I shared and not being shared from my companies Facebook page. I hope I am making sense 🙂

  6. Makenzie says

    Amanda, I need help in tweeting a specific item on my Facebook page. I tried the steps listed but I get a message that says “sorry, page not available”. I am trying to tweet a post I have on my Facebook…..In essence, I am promoting a book for a friend and need to tweet that to twitter. Any suggestions?

  7. Amanda Webb says

    Apologies I missed your comment before. If the page you are trying to link to is private or if the audience is limited you won’t be able to share it publicly.

  8. Amanda Webb says

    Sorry only seeing this comment now. Firstly make sure that your post is public. Then click on your timestamp, next to your name and follow the process above.

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