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  1. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    Facebook group admin and moderator Insights
    * Shows top admins and activity classed by
    – Member Requests Approved
    – Member Requests Declined
    – Posts Approved
    – Posts Declined
    – Posts Removed
    * Way to incentivise admins to stay on top of the group
    * Also a way to see if paid admins are pulling their weight and maybe get rid if not
    * Great for larger groups

  2. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    How younger people (12-34) are using social
    * Decline in social use from millennials and gen Z
    * Instead smaller ‘campfire’ communities are popping up
    * Private Messaging Campfires – Messenger, WhatsApp, Close friends on Insta
    * Micro-Community Campfires – Facebook groups, Reddit forums, Communities around creators on YouTube, Text messaging apps with personal recommendations
    * Shared Experience Campfires – Fortnite, Twitch
    * “Don’t simply replicate what you’re doing on other platforms — it will come across as ham-fisted. Instead, pay close attention to the behavior of the people in the campfire you want to reach, think about what value you can bring to them, then get creative about the products and messaging you’ll use to engage them.”

  3. Silvia Henrich says

    Amanda Webb – Spiderworking no problem, can I ask do you have it on your business account or private? I’m just trying to figure out ways to fix it …next step is probably VPN…..I’m having a bit of a dog with a bone moment lol