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  1. nikki says

    hi, how do you share the competition link to the shortstack app in a post, when I copy the link location and post on the page it doesn’t work when users click…do you have any advice please 🙂

  2. quiddoo says

    Thanks for this amazing post! full of great and useful information. We will launch our first competition soon 🙂

  3. Will Young says

    Nicely structured and helpful article Amanda, thank you. Definitely has given me food for thought for my business. I hadn’t thought of it as a means to drive email subscriptions, so thanks for planting that seed!

  4. Anita says

    Really didn’t like Shortstack. Very difficult to use and once posted to FB I couldn’t delete the competition (it didn’t load correctly then Shortstack couldn’t find the DNS server so then couldn’t I change it!) without deleting the entire Shortstack account. Will try something more user friendly.

  5. Tom Njm says

    Man this article rocks. I breeze over most things but sat down and donated a good 20 minutes to reading it and have definitely taken something away. Cheers!

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