Business book club read - Peers Inc by Robin Chase
Business book club read – Peers Inc by Robin Chase


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  1. Bjorn Beheydt says

    Very good an honest review!
    I believe the system does have its pro’s, as you mention. But indeed, for it to ‘save the world’ is a bit too optimistic I’m afraid…

  2. Kate McQuillan says

    Mark Schaefers The Content Code is excellent and Ann Handleys Everybody Writes was recommended to me recently so planning to get that.

  3. Elaine Rogers says

    One of the most “weirdly interesting” books I’ve read is by Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich – I only read it at the time because it was a free download – a good reminder to read it again this summer.

    A MAGIC little read is The Art of War by Sun Tzu with Foreward by James Clavell (worth a read in itself) with strategies that are applied in capitalist business.

    Do you post to France? 😉

  4. Sinead says

    Any female entrepreneur who is thinking of setting up a business “The Conquer Kit” by Natalie MacNeil. It’s a great actionable business book.

  5. Amanda Webb says

    Yes I post to France! What sort of meanie would I be not to 😀 I’ve heard so many good things about The Art Of War, I must read it. And I wonder can I still get the other as a free download?

  6. Warren Whitlock says

    If you’ve not read “Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization” by Eric Drexler, get ready to have your mind blown. This is REAL excess capacity. He’s talking about a world that is coming (if not already here) that will lead to no jobs, but everyone living well.

    What will you do with you time/life?

  7. Mary Gethings says

    For anyone thinking of setting up their own small food business I would recommend reading ‘Money for Jam’ by Oonagh Monaghan. Another book worth reading is ‘From Burnout to Balance: A Small Business Owner’s Journey Through Personal and Business Growth’ by Paul Redmond a Wexford businessman. By examining the principles in your own life as a business owner and a person, this book will help you to reach your goals and, more importantly, help you recognize where you are on that journey.

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