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  1. Lee Iggulden says

    Re -Selling – I think it really depends what it is and HOW it is done – I am seeing a lot of selling going on that is almost emotional blackmail (if blackmail the right word) – and being constantly bombarded is not a good look in the best of times.

  2. Lee Iggulden says

    I really think now is the time to be building relationships, (re)connecting with people and skill sharing – I am, when life gets back to normal and I have some spare money will be more liable to purchase of those who are trying to help and support rather than selling to me.

  3. Abha Comms says

    Many Government health departments and World Health Organization are using WhatsApp too, and you can go to their sites to send accurate information to your friends.

  4. Abha Comms says

    Amanda Webb here is the link to a resource for communicators – here is our section on WhatsApp. You can find what the WHO is doing on here. There is an update on this later today too.

  5. Silvia Henrich says

    What I have in mind is to do live online hypnosis group sessions for free in Zoom room (I have the pro subscription) . 2 reasons.. 1. lots of people are stressed, its my way of helping out,. 2. I’m switching my hypnotherapy business to online service for now. Its a way of introducing people to that possibility, breaking down prejudice, critical bypass etc. What I want to achieve is get word out, get people to participate. Basically any tips or ideas to build audience specific for zoom……. Sorry that was longwinded xxx

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