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  1. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    TikTok Self Serve Ads Are Here
    * Apply for access
    * Limited categories for your business to fit into (I want with training)
    * Having influencers or recognizable faces featured in ads or making ads that feature a hashtag challenge helps drive engagement.
    * Any type of ad featuring content that seems native to TikTok performs better, he found.
    * TikTok working on creator marketplace so you can partner with influencers
    * It’s early days, not as robust as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ads

  2. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    The story behind the removal of Instagram likes
    * Adam Mosseri head of Insta – used to be in charge of Facebook Newsfeed
    * Removal of likes named ‘Project Daisy’
    * “Concerned about the unanticipated consequences of Instagram as approval arbiter.”
    * Black Mirror (see Netflix) effected him
    * “A post’s achievement of “thousands of likes” or “tens of thousands of likes” might still be public.”

  3. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    Superpower – Canned Emails
    * Stolen from Ann Handley’s newsletter
    * Quick short email responses for all occasions
    * Great for saving time and avoiding procrastination
    * “Schedule phone call” – “Subject: Call this week?
    Let’s get on a short call to talk about [ INSERT WHAT YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT ]
    What’s your availability like this week?
    Thanks. I’m looking forward to our discussion!

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