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  1. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    Twitter to remove audience insights
    * Gives you demographic data and more about your followers
    * Knowing this information is crucial to marketers
    * Will it replace it with something (conversation insights)?
    * The audience insights are hard to read and not the best. A replacement would be fab, no replacement would be pants

  2. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    You can no longer monetise videos for kids on YouTube
    * Announced last year came into effect on 6 Jan
    * You will need to mark videos as for kids or not for kids
    * If for kids youtube won’t “serve personalised ads or support features such as comments, Stories, live chat, notification bell”
    * Due to concerns raised to us by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
    * Change your channel settings to ensure you have it set up correctly

  3. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    New Page Management History For Facebook Page Admins
    * Page Roles (additions, removals, or permissions changes)
    * Page Settings (age/country restrictions, page name/username, contact information)
    * Business Manager relationships (new Business Manager claims ownership, Business Manager access removed)
    * Business Manager invitations to access the Page (accepted or rejected)
    * Confirmed Page Owner (additions or updates)
    * Group relationships (Pages creates, joins, or leaves a group; note this will NOT trigger notifications)

  4. Amanda Webb - Spiderworking says

    Facebook Trends Report
    These are the key trends they identified:
    * Going Green – Thrift, food and beekeeping are on the agenda
    * New Channels – Podcasts are still growing in popularity and interestingly TV shows and films are releasing companion podcasts.
    * Getting hands-on – People are doing stuff in the real world. The maker community is growing as is gardening and hiking
    * Back to basics – Being less complex in our routines and processes
    * Make every day moments special – A trend towards baths and mindfulness