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  1. Dr Hows Science Wows says

    Wow, great post, I never knew most of these existed. I love the idea of Zenkit, I find mind maps are great for larger projects or scoping out a big writing idea. I’ll definitely check that out but there are many more for me to look at here too. Great to have them all ‘under one roof’!

  2. Siobhan O'Rorke says

    Hi Elaine and Amanda! Thanks so much for your help and of course for the recommendation. We’re pushing it out on our social media today.
    We really appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. Tom says

    I can also recommend Kanban Tool ( http://kanbantool.com ). It is a Kanban Board as well, but I found it much more plain and instinctive than trello for example. It helps me to remember about all of my tasks and keep the track of the time too. Besides it offers some really cool personalization options.

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