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  1. MandyM says

    I like them too. I particularly prefer that you can use an emoticon like “sad” or “angry” when reacting to sad or bad news. Clicking “like” for those sorts of posts just seemed a bit wrong!

    I’d like a dislike emote of some kind, but I also agree with your point, it could very easily be abused by trollers. I think “angry” is going to end up used quite a lot on business pages/adverts as the closest thing to a “dislike” button 😉

  2. Amanda Webb says

    Yes, you’re not the first person who’s told me people will use angry like that! There is always the option to hide posts from the page when you don’t like something, this has a negative effect on the content from the page in the future. I know a lot of users might not know either how to do it or the effect it has but it’s the equivalent of the dislike button.

    Sadly by clicking ‘angry’ you’ll just end up seeing more from the page in future. This is probably something Facebook needs to think about…

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