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  1. Dee Sewell says

    Excellent guide and will bare this in mind, though I’m not sure whether to do it or not. I’ve only recently started using LinkedIn more frequently and I’m not sure if I have the time or energy to add another network to my handful at this stage.

  2. Amanda Webb says

    It’s really only necessary if your target market are on LinkedIn. For many B2B companies they are wasting time on Facebook as that’s not what peopole want to see. For them LinkedIn is crucial so they should create a page. Unless you feel your community is on LinkedIn there is no need to update your company page regularly. However you should create a company page just for reference and to make you look legitimate.

  3. Dee Sewell says

    Thanks Amanda, that’s useful to know. I’ll look into it then. I was also thinking it’s a good idea to claim my name in case someone else does.

  4. Dee Sewell says

    I remember trying to do this a couple of years ago but came up with a glitch where it wouldn’t let me do it as it thought I had an inactive account. I’ve just had another go and the same so I’ve fired off a query to their help centre, hopefully this will sort it out. Glad I read your post now for the reminder to sort it out.

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