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  1. Dee Sewell says

    Excellent, thanks Amanada. Firstly I hadn’t realised until your last post that we can now have competitions that like and comment and then of course, how to pick the winners. Another post to bookmark with excellent tips 🙂

  2. Lorna Sixsmith says

    I can remember writing all the names onto pieces of paper and pulling a name from a hat – which adds its own element of fun. I like the idea of the Good Fairy one and much handier than picking random numbers.

  3. Kathleen Henderson says

    What about picking a winner from a FB event? I hold classes on FB, and want to pick a winner from the class participants. When I try to copy and paste the link into Fanpage Karma, it says that event posts cannot be used.

  4. Nicole says

    I can’t use woo box as I don’t have a buisness, when I posted the link to the good luck fairy it told me that the post must be public. Which is impossible as the group is a closed group and has more members than what allows me to still be able to change the group name or setting from closed to public. Is there any way around this?

  5. Stef says

    Is there a possibility to make a fair random draw on those who like a page (not a post)? That would be great.

  6. Nola Richmond Hiatt says

    Can you pick a winner randomly from everyone who is a member of a group page?

  7. Angela Sheehan says

    How do I pick a winner from an existing competition? Or does the competition need to be set up through woobox before going live?

  8. lea guitard says

    Hi Amanda, I want to use woobox to pick a winner for an existing facebook contest (via a post) but I can’t find how… can you help me?

  9. John Walter says

    Thanks for writing this! Even though it was posted originally two years ago I found it very useful 🙂 Just thought I would mention thought that the Goodluck Fairy doesn’t seem to pick winners from reactions but only the likes on a post.

  10. wmo says

    What is the easiest way when doing a “share post” contest. Finding that I cannot see all of the shares due to some privacy settings.

  11. Amanda Webb says

    Thanks for getting in touch. I’m not here right now.

    I will be out of the office until the afternoon of 23rd November 2016. I’ll be checking emails sporadically and will respond on my return.

    Kind regards,

    Amanda Webb

    (check out my podcast whilst I’m gone http://bit.ly/blogcentric)

  12. Julian says

    I tried with Firefox and it work fine. But with Chrome still doesn’t work. Even position 1. LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK is empty, facebook button is missing.

  13. Sherri N. says

    Another low-key way to pick a winner: Say you want to pick one out of 75 comments. Use a random number generator (there are lots online) and roll a random # from 1 to 75. Then just count down the comments until you reach this #. This is best for when you don’t have a ton of names to pick from.

  14. Yvonne Stewart says

    Hi, has the contest capture option changed? I have gone into it a few times and even signed up for the Social Bakers suite but it all seems more data analysis and I cant find the contest capture piece :-s

  15. Vashishtha Kapoor says

    We have been using random.org to pick the winners for a contest. Just ask them to comment a number between X and Y. The person who comments the lucky number first becomes the winner. So simple is this.
    But whatever you have shared is very innovative and new to me. I will see how it makes my contest even better.

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